From Lionel to Aston

Louis Jalaber @ 2019-09-17 20:54:44 +0200

Lionel Walker Birch Martin, the creator of the Aston Martin brand, was born in 1878 in Cornwall. This British mechanic enthusiast is one of the pioneers of the automobile.

It is in 1908 that the prodigy of mechanics opens an automobile repair shop in a district of London with a partner. He will become a dealer for the English brand "Singer". It is in a small workshop that the two friends design the prototype named "Coat Scuttle" which could reach a speed of 115 km/h !

Then, the Aston Martin Bunny will make the brand's reputation shine by defeating ten world speed records. Noted that it is on a French track that the British brand starts the competition. Indeed, it is during the Grand Prix Club de France in Strasbourg July 15, 1922 that the Aston Martin starts the competitions.

Lionel MartinLionel Martin is unfortunately dismissed from his position as technical director of the brand in 1926. Due to economic problems, the brand Aston Martin is bought by new owners and is renamed Aston Martin Motors Ltd. In 1947, following new economic problems in society, Aston Martin was bought by the powerful industrialist David Brown. The latter brings the brand into its golden age and the legend of the automobile.  The logo of the Aston Martin brand is modified and we then discover the initials "DB" for a few years. The latter are placed at the center of a pair of deployed wings inspired by Egyptian mythology as the acronym for a brand that connotes exception and prestige. The wing symbol had previously been introduced in 1932 by Sammy Davis. This symbol originates from the god of Egypt Khépri which is represented by a scarab. In 1972, the name of David Brown disappears from the logo to make place in the name of the brand Aston Martin.

The green background will make its appearance in 1984. Note that the logo of the Aston Martin brand fits particularly well in its history. Because in ancient Egypt the beetle had to go through a stage of death before resurrecting in its adult form. You have to know that the Aston Martin brand has sailed between life and death multiple times. But she has, each time, found life.

The British brand demonstrates its exception by its emblem. In this case, the brand offers a unique service in the world of post-war automobiles. The design of the Aston Martin models is of irreproachable quality.

The quality of the manufactured models is such that the sheets are hammered by hand, the engines are signed by their fitter, the vehicles are tested by a test bench and the cabin is designed by hand Conolly leather ... These Luxurious models were designed in Newport Pagnell's factories. 

The image of Aston Martin is such that the cinema seizes it. In this case, it's the James Bond saga that makes it a favorite brand. Aston Martin is considered James Bond's "official" car, even though the British secret agent's first vehicle was a BMW.

Sean Connery in GoldfingerWhen you see an Aston Martin DB-5 you can not help thinking of double zero seven. The Aston Martin DB5 which was the heyday of the first episodes of James Bond has even made its return in the last film. Daniel Craig even allowing himself a few nods for the Aston Martin brand in Skyfall. Like James Bond you too can have the privilege of flying an Aston Martin V8 Vantage through Motorsport Academy. Note that in January 2014, the firm Aston Martin was forced to recall 17590 vehicles. This represents 75% of six years of production at Aston Martin, This recall follows the discovery of the use of counterfeit plastic by a subcontractor to design part of the accelerator pedal. Has the Egyptian legend of the beetle still struck?