Louis Jalaber - Meet one of the co-founders

Louis Jalaber @ 2019-11-26 15:04:46 +0100

Louis Jalaber was born and raised in Paris. After getting his High School Diploma, specialized in Sciences, he then successfully studied at the Paris School of Business where he started a five-year degree. During his third year, Louis studied at the FachhocheSchule Kufstein in Austria where he specialised in Business and Administration, focusing mainly on developing his understanding of other cultures. Coming back in Paris, Louis started his first year doing a Master’s degree specialised in International Business where he developed a better understanding of international trade and relations, cross-cultural management, intercultural knowledge of trade law and international finance, and finally mastering Business strategies at a corporate and business level.

During his fourth year, Louis did a six-month exchange at the University of IMT Ghaziabad, in India, where he kept developing his skills in cross cultural management and international business strategies.


Following this experience, Louis graduated with a Master’s Degree from the university Paris School of Business and at the same time got accepted at the prestigious French School, ESCP Europe where he completed a Master Degree in Digital Marketing. “I wasn’t ready just yet to be thrown into a working life. I was eager to learn and to look for more and new challenges."



I feel I wanted to seek for more


“I’ve always been passionate about watches and automobiles” claims the young entrepreneur. In fact, Louis has been working in Geneva, Switzerland in the watchmaking industry. This moment was a real turning point in his life, because he turned a passion into his professional activity. After getting some experience in the heart of the watchmaking industry Louis wanted to create a new project on his own.

Where all started while he undertook a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing at the prestigious French school, ESCP Europe. He didn’t know yet that he would meet his future partner Simon Szleper. On December 2017, they started to build up a watch project that a few months later would be named Atelier Jalaper.