The Journey of a DB5 Bonnet

Louis Jalaber @ 2019-11-26 15:28:44 +0100

As you may know, Atelier Jalaper’s dial for their first series of watches is made directly out of an Aston Martin DB5 bonnet. What is so special with that bonnet is that we did not want it to be a new piece using the same techniques and materials as many pieces which are used for car restorations. We wanted a piece from the initial production era – 1963 to 1965 –, we wanted a piece that had a story, that had lived. This was a challenge as Aston Martin DB5’s original pieces are not the most common object you can find. When found this requires authentication so that we and you can be sure of the origins of the piece. Nonetheless, we started the journey and went on to find this unique bonnet undaunted by the time and effort it would take us.



The search

Months and months of inquiries resulted in nothing of any interest. This is to be expected, as it is very complicated to find an original DB5 Silver Birch bonnet. But we did not give up and ended up hearing of an original DB5 Silver Birch about to be restored in a small garage specialised in classic cars located in London. We immediately called to know which parts would be available. Luckily for us, they had exactly what we wanted.



The authentication

Finally, after all this time searching for the Piece, we had found it. Now the trickiest part would be to convince the owner to sell it to us and then to have the bonnet authenticated. Louis and Simon, founders of Atelier Jalaper, decided to journey to the garage to examine this bonnet for themselves so as to be sure it was exactly what they were looking for.


                             The Aston Martin DB5

They called Aston Martin Works the historic home of Aston Martin in Tickford End to know if the piece could be authenticated. Discovering the piece was amazing! After a couple of days of tests and verifications, the bonnet was authenticated as an original DB5 bonnet. Finally, we had our piece, a Silver Birch bonnet from the original production era of the DB5 and now we are about to cut it into dials that are the centrepiece of our watches.