Why are we asking for 120K on Kickstarter?

Louis Jalaber @ 2019-11-26 14:58:59 +0100

Launching a watch brand is a long, precise and challenging adventure. Starting from the idea, and going through the marketing positioning, the design, finding the right partners, the production of the first prototypes and developing coherent communication. This a standard path for every creation of watch brand. But we took the challenge to move boundaries. Indeed, we wanted to implement a piece of a car body part from the ’60s into a 40,5mm watch dial.


Why are trying to raise 120K €? Is it a safe option?


Absolutely not and here is the reason why:

It took months for our Swiss partner Stephan Muller to figure out how we would be able to get this piece of metal into our case. Modifying their ancestral production system and adapting it to our ambitious project was the main challenge. Thanks to his considerable experience in watchmaking, Stephan coped with everything and finally made it possible. He had to consider every parameter of this iconic car bonnet, which was made to resist road obstacles, treated to withstand the rain and to fit on a car that is 4.57 meters long and 1.68 meters wide. Thanks to his determination and his incredible know-how he found the suitable techniques to curve and treat the aluminium of the DB5 without causing any damage. Above all, he manages to fit it perfectly into our watch dials thus giving it an incomparable rendering.

During the many months of research and development in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the cooperation of various watchmakers, engineers and designers were needed but at a significant cost. When we decided to launch Atelier Jalaper, our aim was to create a timepiece with a unique story and a timepiece that was of top quality. Money was a hurdle, but nothing compared to our determination to find a solution.

Then came another cost, the Aston Martin DB5 bonnet.

Between 1963 and 1965 only 1021 editions were ever produced. In other words, only 1021 bonnets were ever released on the market.


How to find a very limited piece 50 years after it having been produced?


Yes, we have spent months to find it, but we did! In South-West London in a garage specialised in classic cars, we found a specialist under the name Michael who had a DB5 bonnet. What a nightmare to evaluate the authenticity of this piece. But we ultimately took a certain risk and bought it.

On Monday the 15th of July we had it, in our hands, after months of research. But we had to do one last thing before bringing it back to Brussels; finding someone who was qualified to authenticate this beautiful silver birch bonnet.

Who would be the best institution to certify that the piece is authentic. A legal entity? A garage specialized in classic cars ? a Bailiff ? What about the company who had produced it in the 60s? Yes! We thought that the best proof of authenticity we could have was directly from the luxury car manufacturer. We arranged an appointment at Aston Martin Works (Newport Pagnell) to get our exceptional piece certified.

After 2 very long hours of waiting, full of apprehension, doubt, and stress, we finally received the verdict. At the bottom of page 7 within the conclusion part, it was written: « This is a DB5 bonnet »

Looking for the right piece and getting it authenticated involved significant expense. Specifically, when there are only 1021 editions in the whole world. We made it! We designed the watch, found the right partners, and succeeded in locating and buying the most beautiful bonnet on earth.