A unique
watchmaking concept

From a DB5

Our goal at Atelier Jalaper was not only to offer an innovative and unique concept. We wanted to unite the skills, know-how and passion involved in the Swiss watch industry and the automobile to offer timepieces full of history and emotion.

Atelier Jalaper

Each of our watches incorporates a dial taken and produced from an authentic Aston Martin DB5 bonnet. Discover our limited edition collection of 600 pieces and dive into the heart of watchmaking and classic automobiles.

Aston DB5 

After a year of R&D, Atelier Jalaper has accomplished a real technical challenge. Our mission: to create a watch that offers its owner a fragment of an automotive legend. This is not just a figure of speech. Each Atelier Jalaper watch physically and visibly integrates an authentic part of an Aston Martin DB5.


Our valiant 25 and 27 year old compatriots had the crazy idea of buying an Aston Martin DB5 hood (James Bond's), and cutting it up to make the dial of their watch."

GQ magazine
sur Atelier Jalaper

In order to design these collector dials, the Chaux-de-Fonds craftsmen in charge of their conception first had to flatten the hood of the legendary car before cutting out 600 dials with the utmost precision, despite the malleability of aluminum.

Le Figaro
Sur Atelier Jalaper

In life, there are dreams and those who succeed in realizing them. Simon Szleper and Louis Jalaber have achieved the perfect fusion of a watch and an automobile myth: the Aston Martin DB5.

Montres Magazine
Sur Atelier Jalaper

Atelier Jalaper presents a watch with a piece of Aston Martin DB5 inside. They decided that incorporating a piece of the Aston Martin DB5 hood into their watch would give it a very special touch."

Sur Atelier Jalaper

A promising Belgian brand! Enthusiastic, imaginative, ambitious: Simon Szleper and Louis Jalaber are pure seeds of young entrepreneurs".

Paris Match
Sur Atelier Jalaper