A legend on
your wrist

Unprecedented Concept

Several years of research and development enabled Atelier Jalaper to break through the many technical barriers encountered along the way. We were not only seeking perfection, but we relentlessly worked towards bringing an unique timepiece to the market. Our mission is to create a watch which offers to the owner a fragment of a car legend. This is not just a figure of speech. Every Atelier Jalaper timepiece physically and visibly incorporates an authentic part of an Aston Martin DB5.

A Word from the founders

Our goal for Atelier Jalaper was not only to come up with something new and unique. We wanted to unite the skills, knowledge and passion, involved in the watchmaking and automotive industry, and combine these forces to launch a groundbreaking concept. All while building an engaging community around us and the values of the brand Atelier Jalaper.

Dans la vie, il y a les rêves et ceux qui réussissent à les réaliser. Simon Szleper et Louis Jalaber ont réussi la fusion parfaite d'une montre et d'un mythe automobile: l'Aston Martin DB5

Introducing Atelier Jalaper & a new take on the automotive genre.The look does pull together successfully, these feel like a more delicate take on what we’ve seen from REC recently

Atelier Jalaper presenta el un reloj con un pedazo de Aston Martin DB5 en su interior. Decidieron que incorporar un trozo del capó del Aston Martin DB5 en su reloj le daría un toque muy especial

Une marque belge prometteuse! Enthousiastes, imaginatifs, ambitieux : Simon Szleper et Louis Jalaber sont de la pure graine de jeunes entrepreneurs

Atelier Jalaper’s first quartet of timepieces is something special. Not only do they make a song and dance out of a car that most certainly deserves it, but they make owning a piece of that icon accessible

Meet us

We at Atelier Jalaper would be pleased to guide you through our unique collection of timepieces. Do not hesitate to book an appointment and have a call with a member of the Atelier Jalaper’s team.

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