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Each Atelier Jalaper watch tells a unique story, with dials meticulously carved from authentic parts of legendary cars. Our vision is a constant search for balance between stylistic references to car design and the concrete use of automotive materials. Discover our watches that celebrate the fusion of automotive heritage and Swiss know-how.


Each of our watches features a dial cut from a piece of Aston Martin DB5 or Lamborghini Miura. Discover our limited edition collections and dive into the heart of watchmaking and classic automobiles.


Nearly two years of R&D have gone into creating watches that allow you to own a fragment of an iconic automobile. Each new timepiece allows us to further explore the limitless possibilities offered by the close link between mechanical watchmaking and automotive engineering, whether in terms of the technology it incorporates or its design.


The story of Atelier Jalaper began in 2019 with the watches from the DB5 collection. Our watch inspired from the Aston Martin is a tribute to the legendary British sports car, featuring a dial taken from the bonnet of an Aston Martin DB5. This first timepiece showcased the brand's vision and encapsulated the elegance and performance of an iconic car, weaving a seamless narrative between automotive heritage and the art of watchmaking. Choose between the iconic Silver Birch colour of the DB5, which the case of the AJ001-S watches refers to, and the black PVD finish of the AJ001-B watches.

Photomontage of an Atelier Jalaper AJ001-S watch and an Aston Martin DB5

A Timeless beauty


At Atelier Jalaper, passion takes shape on your wrist. Your watch is your companion on the road, ready to keep pace with you, whether on the track or in everyday life. Immerse yourself in a world where Swiss watchmaking tradition meets the soul of classic automobiles through watch dials crafted from authentic parts of legendary automobiles.

Find the automotive-inspired watch for men that suits your style among our limited-edition collections, and choose your watch's serial number for an even more exclusive experience.
Whether they embody modern watchmaking technology with an automatic movement or traditional craftsmanship with a hand-wound movement, our watches celebrate and contribute to the heritage of automobiles that have marked their time, through their design or their performance.


Accompany your watch with one of our watch straps to make it truly unique. Whether you dream of feeling like a seasoned racer on the track or prefer the sophisticated elegance of a dandy, our collection of leather straps is designed to match your watch to your lifestyle. All our bracelets are handmade in France from genuine calf leather.


Our valiant 25 and 27 year old compatriots had the crazy idea of buying an Aston Martin DB5 hood (James Bond's), and cutting it up to make the dial of their watch."

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A piece with curves inspired by those of the Miura, with a taut, low profile. At the heart of a hornless case associated with an elegantly oval bezel, this dial cut from a piece of genuine Lamborghini Miura is inspired by the original speedometers.

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In life, there are dreams and those who succeed in realizing them. Simon Szleper and Louis Jalaber have achieved the perfect fusion of a watch and an automobile myth: the Aston Martin DB5.

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Atelier Jalaper presents a watch with a piece of Aston Martin DB5 inside. They decided that incorporating a piece of the Aston Martin DB5 hood into their watch would give it a very special touch."

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A promising Belgian brand! Enthusiastic, imaginative, ambitious: Simon Szleper and Louis Jalaber are pure seeds of young entrepreneurs".

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Our new Lamborghini-inspired watch reflects the bold styling of the Miura, with its revolutionary curves and flamboyant Bertone bodywork. It took two years of R&D to design this men's watch with its Swiss calibre and manual winding that will make you feel the mechanics at your fingertips. Available in a limited edition of 400, each model in our Miura collection reinvents one of the most emblematic colours of the Italian beauty, and is equipped with a hand-wound movement. Each AJ-P400 is meticulously assembled in Switzerland by our watchmakers in our workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The clean, striking contours of the satin-brushed steel case are a tribute to the elegant lines of this historic Italian automobile. The elliptical design of the bezel encircling the black dial, more than a unique visual ornament, takes up the outline of the spectacular eyelashes added by designer Marcello Gandini to the Miura's circular headlights to give the very first supercar an even more distinctive look. The dial's patinated surface and black colouring reflect the unique history of the piece of aluminum from which it is made, taken from a 1969 Miura P400 S ravaged by fire. The design of the hour-markers and numerals refers to the armada of counters on the Miura's dashboard, and the power reserve at six o'clock echoes the codes of the Lamborghini petrol gauge: winding your hand-wound watch is like refueling your car to get it started.

Through the transparent back of the watch case, slightly smoked to recall the car's unintentional fire, appreciate the complexity and finishing of the Swiss movement and its components at work, similar to the mechanisms that power the car's V12. The watch's black leather strap echoes the car's iconic '60s pudgy upholstery.

Whether you're a car enthusiast or a watch lover, explore our collections of men's watches with dials crafted from authentic classic car parts. Each model is a perfect fusion of advanced technology, watchmaking precision and automotive design.

All our watches are available as limited editions, a constraint inherent in the raw materials we use and an echo of the exclusivity of the iconic automobiles we celebrate.