Our Chic Sports Watches for Men

No need to choose between a watch with refined style and a sports watch, our chic sports watches for men embody the combination of refinement and power.

Our collection of limited-edition men's sporty chic watches is a tribute to legendary cars that are themselves designed to strike a fine balance between aesthetics and performance. The sporty chic style is reflected in every aspect of the design, from the dial to the case and strap.

Our chic sports watches for men from the Miura collection, featuring a hand-wound Swiss calibre, are a tribute to the sporty elegance and innovative design of the Lamborghini. Every detail is carefully sculpted to reflect the dynamic aesthetic of this legendary sports car.

Carefully thought-out design

The satin-brushed steel case of the AJ-P400, a watch made from a Lamborghini, offers robustness without compromising on elegance and recalls the flowing lines of the Miura. Its black dial, both refined and functional, adds a touch of sophistication to your wrist and enhances the watch's legibility in all situations. On the back of the watch, through the transparent smoked glass caseback, you can see the meticulously engraved finishing of the hand-wound Swiss movement with its 21 sapphires, a promise of refinement and performance. The black leather strap evokes the luxury and sportiness of the interior of this legendary car, the first of the supercars.

From its dial and lugs-free steel case to the elliptical shape of the bezel, which recalls the oval of the Miura's headlight, this automotive watch for men with its taut, low profile produces a visual effect identical to that felt when facing the Lamborghini. 

Celebrating boldness

These chic sports watches embody the perfect fusion of Swiss watchmaking sophistication and the bold styling of the Miura, a car that has redefined the standards of the motor industry. Each AJ-P400 watch in the Miura collection is equipped with a Swiss Sellita movement and assembled in Switzerland. Their design honors the sporting refinement of the automobile, capturing the essence of the sports car.

Immerse yourself in automotive history with the chic sports watches for men in the DB5 collection. These watches embody the perfect blend of classic elegance and legendary performance of the Aston Martin DB5, a car that marked its era through its design, power and film appearances. Their limited-edition availability offers an exclusivity and distinction not unlike that of the DB5.

Elegance on the wrist

The dials in the DB5 collection embody timeless chic. Fashioned from a piece of aluminum taken from an authentic Aston Martin DB5 bonnet, creating a palpable connection between the watch and the history of this sports car, the dial features multiple references to the grille and dashboard of the iconic and elegant automobile. The case, in grey steel or with a black PVD finish, with its pure, hollowed-out lines, evokes the timeless design of the DB5, combining refined style with a sporty appearance. The genuine black perforated calfskin leather strap adds a touch of sophistication to this watch made from an Aston Martin, recalling the understated luxury of this iconic car.

Explore elegance, performance and refinement through our Miura and Aston sport chic watch collections, where each watch tells a unique story, shaped by the perfect union of motoring and Swiss watchmaking. 

Accompany your watch with an authentic leather strap. Whether you prefer a dandy chic strap in black leather, or a motorsport themed strap, explore Atelier Jalaper's stock of straps.

All our watches are available as limited editions, adding a touch of exclusivity to your style. The raw material of the dial gives each watch a different patina, reflecting the particular history of the piece of aluminum used. These unique watches are numbered, underlining the rarity of the legendary cars they celebrate.

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