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Discover our watches inspired by the Aston Martin DB5 and immerse yourself in a world that unites watchmaking and the classic automobile.

Discover the world of Atelier Jalaper, where classic motoring meets traditional watchmaking. 

Our first collection of watches, dedicated to the DB5, embodies the spirit and heritage of this automotive icon. The aluminium dials are cut from the bonnet of a genuine Aston Martin DB5 and every detail, carefully crafted to celebrate the essence of the DB5, reflects our passion for exceptional cars and our commitment to watchmaking craftsmanship.


Synonymous with style, performance and exclusivity, the DB5 is one of the most iconic cars ever created. Produced between 1963 and 1965 in an edition of approximatively a thousand, its unique design and its appearance in the cinema quickly elevated it to the status of legend. The embodiment of the union between elegance and power, it truly marked its era and continues to be an inspiration to this day. 

Although the models used in the movies didn't contain a real DB5 engine, they did play a large part in sparking the craze that still surrounds the DB5, particularly with the many gadgets they were equipped with, which made the vehicle anything but an ordinary car.

An Aston Martin DB5 facing the sea
Wristshot of an AJ002-S watch


We have designed this collection with the aim of allowing you to own a fragment of this most coveted of cars. The dial of the DB5 watches has been taken from one of the aluminium plates that make up the body of an authentic DB5, assembled using the Superleggera process of the Italian coachbuilder Touring, a rare and costly technical refinement used to produce a vehicle with curved shapes and a featherweight. Each element of the watch is carefully crafted to reflect the inimitable allure and cachet of this car, with its woodwork and upholstery of typically English finesse and distinction.

The unique patina of the dials, more or less marked, is a constant reminder of their provenance and of the technical feat achieved to enable the bonnet to be integrated into a timepiece, and the curves of the case evoke the driving dynamism and unrivalled elegance of the DB5. 

The satin-brushed steel case of the S models recalls the iconic Silver Birch colour of the DB5 driven by a famous British spy. The typography of the hour-markers and the guilloche at 6 and 12 on the dial, taken from an authentic Aston Martin DB5 bonnet, are all references to the timeless design of the famous car that owes its name to David Brown. 

The watches in the DB5 collection are powered by Miyota 8215 and Miyota 8285 automatic movements with a 42-hour power reserve and a stop-second system to ensure greater precision when winding the watch.

The original perforated black leather strap perfectly embodies the spirit and incomparable style of this legendary car of the 60s. But you can also choose your own bracelet in our collection of watch straps.

Dials of AJ001 watches


Each model in this collection is a limited edition, a constraint intrinsic to the raw material we use and a reflection of the DB5's exclusive character. Now selling for several million dollars, from 2.4 to 6.4 millions, the DB5s used in films and matching numbers are rare commodities, particularly sought after by collectors of classic cars, for whom their value is priceless.

Limited Edition 150/600 arrived today less than 48 hours from order (even clearing EU-UK customs just before Xmas - not so easy after Brexit!). High quality unique watch which delivers it’s promise and more. Arrived with a complimentary travel case and spare strap - not expected and a nice added surprise.

Thank you to Simon for his easy online chat - so important that you can have direct contact with one of the founders in this highly competitive market. They have already built a great brand and I look forward to future products.

Paul C.
United Kingdom

After chatting on their website with Atelier Jalaper, whose communication was perfect, I took the plunge! I was able to buy myself an AJ-002-S! The best part is that someone calls you to find out if you want a more or less marked dial. Then the delivery is super fast, received in 2 days.

Then comes the most important part: discovering the packaging. It's an absolute success, with a beautiful box enveloping the watch case itself, the card holder for the certificate of authenticity, and above all, it smells of leather! A fine example of French craftsmanship.

Opening the box reveals this magnificent watch, whose quality is immediately apparent, both to the eye and to the touch.

With all that in mind, I can't wait to find out what's next, and I wish Atelier Jalaper all the best for the future!

Alexis Duveau

Very recent owner of an AJ001-S: sport-chic watch faithful to what I had identified on the internet, fan of the exclusive aspect linked to the numbering of the watch and the unique character of the patina (and yes, when you have a cool concept...), VERY good quality packaging (almost astonishing for an 800€ watch, especially as the watch comes with a travel case that seems to be of very good quality) and a special mention for the speed of delivery (ordered on Sunday morning, email contact on Monday morning to choose the watch, DHL delivery on Tuesday morning: not even 48 hours between order and receipt). What do people expect? I hope it ages well.

Benjamin Marguerie

I've been the proud owner of an AJ002-B for several weeks now and I'm so happy with it! The world created by Atelier Jalaper around classic cars is unique and above all very well done 😍 I wear my watch almost every day and I can't wait to discover the next models... So many legendary cars deserve to be honoured... Congratulations again to Louis and Simon for their welcome and their advice 💪🏼

Hugo Berard

Watch arrived on Christmas Eve and I was very happy once unboxed. Very sleek packaging and the timepiece itself is amazing. The natural patina on the dial is incredible. The timepiece speaks for itself. Sleek and Sharp!

Kyle O'Brien
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