Production process

Constant communication and intense collaboration between Belgium and Switzerland was required to overcome the technical challenges involved in the two years of research and development. This important investment of time led to the understanding of the industrial process transforming a bonnet from the 60’s to a dial that reflected the decades that passed through this fine piece of motoring history. The production of these dials is carefully supervised by the engineers of La Chaux-de-Fonds, with quality control, assembly and testing taking place in Stephane Muller’s factory.

Step 1 / Paint stripping

The first step in transforming the bonnet to an Atelier Jalaper dial consists out of stripping the paint off the metal. This process imposes several technical constraints and requires a high degree of meticulousness to remove the 9 layers of paint exposing the bare aluminium underneath. These imperfections in the metal are retained in our dials and reflect the singularity of each watch.

Step 2 / Dial Stamping

The second step consists of flattening and treating the bare metal in order to cut the dials out of the bonnet. The very malleable aluminium had to pass through the hands of 3 different craftsmen based in La Chaux-de-Fonds to prepare it for the cutting procedure. A high-pressure press takes out each dial, one at a time and with precise measurement.

Step 3 / Lasering

Every dial is precisely engraved to meet our high standards. Aluminium is a metal which is very sensitive to high temperatures. Due to this fact, a very precise laser engraving was in order, amounting to 58 minutes of lasering for each dial to ensure that the authentic patina is retained.

Step 4 / Assembly

The final step in encapsulating our iconic dial is the assembly phase. Our watches are fully assembled with a high degree of accuracy by a Swiss expert in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Every watch goes through a last quality control consisting out of pressure testing, monitoring the oscillation frequency of the pendulum, the tightness of our timepieces and a general functional check of the mechanism before being shipped out to its proud new owner.

A legend reborn

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