Green Lamborghini Miura
Watches made out of a genuine piece of a Lamborghini miura

Miura Collection


The AJ-P400, our watch inspired by the Miura, embodies the perfect synergy between automobile history and the art of horology.
The dial, crafted from an authentic piece of Miura, is set in a robust steel case, evoking the sporty look and power of the car. Each element of the watch is a subtle homage to the Italian Icon. Limited to 400 pieces per color, this watch is more than just a timepiece; it's a fragment of legend on you wrist.

The Miura: a car that redefined excellence

When the Lamborghini Miura was first unveiled at the 1966 Geneva International Motor Show, it immediately captivated the entire world with its innovative design and commanding presence. Named after the famous breed of fighting bulls known for their ferocity and tenacity, the Miura revolutionized the concept of the sports car thanks to its V12 engine positioned in the center just behind the drive —a first at the time. The Miura is not just a car but a masterpiece of Italian engineering. At Atelier Jalaper, we have drawn inspiration from its design and history to create our watches, the AJ-P400 series.

A black and white side shot of the Lamborghini Miura
A 3D render of the AJ-P400-V in green colorway.

The Story Behind the Design

The journey of the AJ-P400 watch begins with a quest for authenticity and sophistication. The idea was to create a watch that not only reflects the aesthetics of the Miura but truly incorporates its soul and history. Crafted from an authentic piece of a Miura P400 S, our watchmakers have sculpted each dial with precision, ensuring that every watch
tells its own story with a unique patina. The steel case and bracelet,
which directly nods to the car's upholstery, were designed to offer timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort.

Atelier Jalaper's Savoir-faire

All our men's automobile watches are an invitation to experience the passion for automotive history and watchmaking tradition. Each of our watches is numbered and carries the soul of the car from which it was produced.

Our watch inspired by the Lamborghini Miura, the AJ-P400, is Swiss-made and is the result of 2 years of design, seeking the finest raw materials (like the piece of Miura from which the dials were carved).

Various AJ-P400 parts with technical drawing of the watch and horology tools.

The great Atelier Jalaper adventure continues: after the DB5, it's the Miura that's now on my wrist ... and the icing on the cake is that it's been delivered directly to me by Louis! It was an opportunity to share his passion for fine mechanical engineering with him and to discover the finesse of my new AJ-P400 while waiting for ... an act 3!

Jacques Leca

I have bought the Aston Martin watch and the newest Miura watch. An absolutely cool concept and beautiful watches. Their customer service is amazing. They are very service oriented and reliable. Thank you for the beautiful timepieces.

Lynn Greenbaum
United States

I'm very pleased with my purchase from Atelier Jalaper. The team is responsive, attentive and takes great care of the buyers. What's more, the watch is great with an incredible piece of automotive history. It's a pleasure to wear. I can't get enough of it, and thank you again for continuing to interweave beautiful watches and beautiful cars.

Daniel Fouglé

Beautiful limited edition watch with a story. Quality workmanship and follow-up. Completely satisfied.

Pascal Turpin

An exceptional piece, customer service and support before, during and after the sale. Thank you again.

Ugo Collu