How to clean the strap of our Lamborghini Miura-inspired AJ-P400 watch?

You're the proud owner of our Lamborghini-inspired AJ-P400 watch and you're wondering how to clean its strap. Here's our advice.

Why clean the strap of your Miura collection watch?

Just as it's important to clean your watch from the Lamborghini Miura collection, cleaning the strap is also essential.

How to clean the strap of your watch from the Miura collection? 

How do I remove the bracelet?

Before cleaning, gently remove the strap from your watch.

What do you need to clean your watchband?

To clean your watchband effectively, use a soft cloth, lukewarm water and soap.

Cleaning a slightly soiled leather watchband

  • Marseille soap

If your leather bracelet is slightly soiled, use Marseille soap diluted in water and gently rub the bracelet with a microfiber cloth or soft bristle brush.

  • Cleansing milk

You can also clean your watch with cleansing milk applied to a cotton pad. Be careful, however, as some bracelets are sensitive to this.

Cleaning a dirty leather watchband

For more intensive cleaning, you can use white vinegar or alcohol mixed with talcum powder to remove stubborn stains.

Sommières earth is also effective for absorbing dirt.

Be careful, however, not to use too many of these products, as large doses can damage the bracelet's leather. Also be careful when rubbing, as friction can damage or discolor some bracelets.

How often should you clean your watchband?

We recommend cleaning your watchband at least once a month to prevent dirt and residue build-up.

What to do every day to extend the life of your watchband

To prolong the life of your watchband, avoid wearing it during activities that could damage it, such as sports or gardening. Wipe regularly with a soft cloth to remove dirt and perspiration.


By following these simple tips, you'll be able to keep your Lamborghini Miura Collection watch strap in top condition and enjoy its beauty and elegance for many years to come.