How do I easily set my AJ-P400 watch from the Miura collection?

You're the proud owner of our Lamborghini inspired watch and you're wondering how to set it. Here's our advice.

First of all, thank you and congratulations on your purchase of an AJ-P400. These watches, whose dial is based on a Lamborghini Miura P400 S hood, are equipped with a hand-wound mechanical movement.

This means that in addition to adjusting it, you must also learn how to rewind it.

Time setting (hours, minutes, etc.), date setting and reloading are all carried out in the same place: the crown. The crown has several positions, or clicks, which allow you to change the hands and recharge the movement.

What are the different crown positions?

Turn the crown counter-clockwise. The crown should pop out and you can now position it for adjustment.

The crown plays a crucial role in setting various functions on your AJ-P400 watch made from a Lamborghini. It is often used to adjust the time, date and even some additional complications. Be sure to handle the crown with care, as it can be sensitive. Adjusting it too suddenly can damage the delicate mechanism inside the watch.

When you've finished setting, make sure you push the crown in and screw it down firmly to ensure the watch is water-resistant. This will also protect the internal mechanism from moisture and unwanted particles.

The hands on your Lamborghini watch may need careful adjustment to ensure optimum precision. In most cases, this can be done by pulling the crown out slightly to the first position. Then turn it clockwise to move the hands forwards, or anticlockwise to move them backwards.

Make sure the hands are correctly aligned with the dial indices for accurate time reading. Take the time to check the accuracy of your AJ-P400 watch regularly to make sure it's working optimally.

Finally, the movement of your watch, whose dials are cut from a piece of Lamborghini, is the heart of its operation. If you notice any irregularities in the movement of the hands, or if the watch lags behind, a movement adjustment may be necessary. In this case, we recommend that you call in a watchmaker to make the necessary adjustments.

Reassembly position

First position. To wind your watch, unscrew the crown until it "pops out", you should hear a click.

Turn the crown clockwise to raise the power-reserve hand.

Position date

Second position. Pull the crown back one notch to the second position. You'll hear another click.

Turn the crown clockwise to advance the date.

Time position

Third and final position. Pull the crown out to the last notch in the third position. You'll hear a click again.

Turn the crown clockwise to advance the time. It is not recommended to turn the hands in the opposite direction.

How to set the time on your watch from the Miura collection

The first step in setting your watch from the Lamborghini Miura collection is to ensure that the time and date are correct. To do this, gently pull the crown out to the first position. Turn it clockwise to adjust the time. Make sure that the minute hand follows the correct time.

How to set the date on your watch from the Miura collection

To set the date, pull the crown out to the second position and turn it counter-clockwise until the correct date appears in the dial aperture. Remember that some watches require a full 24-hour rotation to change the date. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your watch's mechanism.

When not to set your watch?

The "Death Zone

It's best not to set your watch between 11pm and 3am. Why not?

When the date changes at midnight, the mechanical system that makes this possible starts a few hours before and ends a few hours after. This period, commonly referred to as the "death zone", extends from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. During this time, it's best not to adjust the date, as this could cause damage to the date-change mechanism, whose gears are already engaged.

Adjust the date according to the month

While some models offer this feature, the AJ-P400 watch made from a Lamborghini does not have an automatic setting function for the number of days per month.

You will therefore need to set this parameter manually, taking into account the number of days in each respective month.


In conclusion, tuning your watch made from a Lamborghini Miura may seem like a simple task, but it's a process that requires careful attention to ensure optimum performance.

Follow the adjustment steps with care, using the crown delicately and ensuring that every detail, from the hands to the date, is precisely adjusted. By taking the time to master these settings, you ensure that your watch continues to function with the precision and elegance that characterize it.