How does the Miura collection mechanical watch work?

You've fallen for our watch from the collection made from a Lamborgini Miura, but you may be wondering exactly how it works.


In this article, we'll delve into the complex mechanisms that drive this particular timepiece, offering you a detailed insight into how it works.

What is a mechanical watch? 

Before delving into the specific workings of the watch in the Lamborghini Miura collection, it's important to understand what a mechanical movement is. Unlike quartz watches, which run on a battery-powered electronic oscillator, mechanical watches use a complex movement of mechanical parts to measure time. This movement is propelled by a barrel spring, also known as a mainspring, which stores energy when wound and releases it slowly to power the watch's operation.

How does our watch from the Miura collection work?

The watch in the Lamborghini Miura-inspired collection features a high-precision hand-wound mechanical movement, designed to reflect Swiss engineering excellence and the heritage of the Lamborghini brand. Here's an overview of the main elements that drive this iconic watch:

The inner workings of our Lamborghini Miura-inspired watch

  • Transmission

The gears in the AJ-P400 watch from the Miura collection are responsible for transmitting energy from the mainspring to the escapement, which regulates the movement of the balance wheel. These gears are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure smooth, precise operation of the watch.

  • The exhaust

The escapement is one of the most important components of the watch movement. It controls the regular release of the energy stored in the mainspring, enabling the balance wheel to oscillate smoothly and precisely.

  • The pendulum

The balance wheel is the beating heart of the watch movement. It oscillates back and forth at a constant rate, regulated by the escapement, and thus ensures the precise measurement of time.

  • The display

The time on the Lamborghini Miura watch is displayed by a set of dials, hands and hour markers designed for optimum legibility and elegant aesthetics.

A hand-wound mechanical watch

Our Lamborghini Miura is a hand-wound mechanical watch, which means it requires regular winding to maintain its precise operation. By turning the crown clockwise, you wind the mainspring, providing the energy to keep the watch running.


When you choose a watch from the Lamborghini Miura collection, you're opting for much more than just a fashion accessory. You're investing in an exceptional mechanical timepiece, designed to offer unrivalled precision and reliability. Every component of the Lamborghini Miura watch is carefully designed and assembled with unrivalled attention to detail, testifying to the excellence of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship.

To find out more about the care and operation of your Lamborghini Miura watch, please consult our Lamborghini Miura Buying Guide.

Discover the passion and craftsmanship behind every piece in this iconic collection, and wear your Lamborghini Miura watch with pride and confidence.