Does our Lamborghini Miura-inspired watch fit your wrist?

You're the proud owner of our Lamborghini-based watch, and you're wondering whether it's right for the shape of your wrist. Here are our recommendations:


First of all, thank you and congratulations on your purchase of an AJ-P400. These watches, whose dial is derived from a Lamborghini Miura P400 S hood, are fitted with a basic bracelet, but several options are available in our catalog to personalize your watch to your taste.

The high-end watches in Atelier Jalaper's Lamborghini Miura collection are renowned for their elegance and sophisticated design. Among these exceptional pieces, the AJ-P400 watch stands out for its refined allure and high-end functionality. However, the crucial question is whether this watch is really suited to your wrist. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the features of the AJ-P400 watch, with particular emphasis on the size, bracelet and case.

How are watch cases measured?

  • Diameter

The question of size is crucial when it comes to choosing a watch. The AJ-P400 has a case diameter of 39.5mm.

  • Thickness

Case thickness is also a factor to consider, especially if you prefer a discreet watch under your shirt sleeves. With a precisely measured thickness, our Miura collection watch manages to combine a slim design with the robustness needed to stand the test of time with a case thickness of 10.3mm.

How important is the strap in the perception of a watch's size?

When it comes to bracelets, the AJ-P400 offers several options to suit different tastes and needs. High-quality leather straps offer a blend of comfort and elegance. These bracelets fit a variety of wrists, whether you're a man looking for an imposing watch or a woman preferring a more discreet size.

What are the dimensions of our watches in the Miura collection?

The 4 models of the AJ-P400 watch made with authentic Lamborghini Miura parts differ in color but share the same dimensions.

A reminder of the different dimensions and characteristics :

  • Material: 316L polished / satin-finish steel case
  • Diameter: 39.5mm
  • Thickness: 10.3mm
  • Dimension from horn to horn: 46.58mm
  • Case back: screwed and open
  • Bezel: Polished steel fixed bezel with oval shape referring to the legendary Lamborghini Miura headlights.
  • Crown: steel screw-down crown
  • Front glass: Anti-reflective sapphire
  • Back glass: smoked grey mineral glass
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM, water-resistant to 50 meters

Bracelets :

  • Horn width: 19mm - Size: 115/80mm
  • Buckle: Steel

How do you measure your wrist size?

When it comes to wrist measurement, the AJ-P400 watch offers great versatility. Whether you have wider or thinner wrists, the bracelets in the Lamborghini Miura collection offer a large number of perforations to ensure a perfect fit. The size guide provided by Atelier Jalaper makes it easy to choose the ideal bracelet, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every wearer. 

What wrist sizes are recommended for our watches in the Miura collection? 

Men looking for a watch that combines style and functionality will be seduced by the AJ-P400. This watch made from a Lamborghini embodies elegance and prestige while offering exceptional features. The carefully designed dial incorporates distinctive elements that add a touch of sophistication to each model.

Recommendation: 16cm to 22.5cm


In short, the AJ-P400 watch from Atelier Jalaper is a timepiece that not only displays the time, but also reflects the style and personality of its wearer. With a choice of bracelets, it offers remarkable adaptability to suit a variety of wrists. Whether you're attracted by the charm of watches from the Lamborghini Miura collection, the handcrafted quality of Atelier Jalaper, or a combination of both, the AJ-P400 definitely deserves a place on your wrist.