Will my watch from the Miura collection increase in value?

As a privileged owner of a watch from the Miura collection, a question may be on your mind: will this iconic timepiece increase in value over time?

In this article, we'll dive into the mechanics of watch value appreciation and assess the investment potential of your precious Lamborghini Miura-inspired watch.

What makes a watch valuable?

Its brand

When it comes to determining whether a watch will appreciate in value, several elements come into play. Brand reputation is a major factor, while aesthetic and qualitative consistency are two other very important elements. In addition, the strategic direction the brand is taking in terms of product development is a key factor. Understanding the direction in which the product range is developing can help to understand whether or not watches can increase in value.

Its build quality

Secondly, the quality of manufacture plays an essential role. With its Swiss heritage and "Swiss Made" label, your watch from the Miura collection benefits from impeccable manufacturing quality, which can enhance its intrinsic value and appeal to collectors.

Its rarity

Rarity is another factor to consider. Limited edition watches like the Lamborghini Miura-inspired AJ-P400 are often sought after by collectors, which can stimulate demand and therefore increase the value of your watch over time.

Specific serial numbers, such as 001, 007, 400 or 66, the year the Lamborghini Miura was launched, are highly prized and could become even more valuable in the years to come.

Its originality

Originality of design is another important aspect.

By being made from an authentic Lamborghini part, your watch stands out for its uniqueness and its link to a world-renowned automotive brand, which can add to its appeal to potential buyers.

What's more, each dial on an Atelier Jalaper watch is unique, with different skating marks depending on where the dial was taken from the Miura piece.

Good shelf life

Finally, the condition and preservation of your watch are crucial to its future value.

By following good care and maintenance practices, such as those described in our AJ-P400 watch buying guide, you can preserve the integrity of your watch and maintain its value over time.


In conclusion, your watch from the Lamborghini Miura collection has all the necessary ingredients to evolve into a precious investment piece.

With its prestigious brand name, exceptional build quality, rarity, original design and optimal state of preservation, your AJ-P400 watch could well become a lucrative long-term investment.

As you continue to enjoy your Miura collection watch on a daily basis, keep in mind its potential as an investment over time.

By taking good care of your watch and preserving it in the best conditions, you could see its value gradually increase, while appreciating its exceptional aesthetics and functionality.

To find out more about how to maximize the value of your watch made from an authentic Lamborghini Miura piece and make it a wise investment, check out our complete guide to the AJ-P400 watch from the Miura collection.