Aston Martin DB5 : A legendary car for icons


The Aston Martin DB5 is indisputably one of the most iconic cars to ever be created. This british jewel of engineering and mechanical craftsmanship produced between 1963 and 1965 is a symbol of class and whose fame comes in majority from its apparition in the James Bond movie, Goldfinger, which quickly rose it as the spy’s most recognizable car ever, with its gadgets and unique look. Combined with mechanical prowesses and its gentle sport design it helped making it one of the most desired car of its time. However there is something that made the Aston Martin DB5 gain even more fame, its celebrity owners.

Love from British Rock


The car knew a big success amongst singers and rock stars from the sixties. One of the most famous owner of an Aston Martin DB5 is probably Sir Paul McCartney from the Beatles, his Aston Martin DB5 was ordered with a couple of particularities, she was painted Sierra Blue, nothing that surprising so far, but the interior leather received a lot of work with musical note in the stitching. He kept it for 6 years and drove 40000 miles with it before selling it. ‘’64 MAC’’ is the car’s plate and with James Bond’s DB5 it might be the most known Aston Martin DB5. It was restored as it passed from owner to owner, changing the interior, redoing the original color.

In 2012 the owner at the time decided to repaint it in Silver Birsh, the iconic color from the James Bond movie. It recently – in 2017 – sold for 1.35£ millions.

Other famous owners of the car such as Robert Plant, former lead singer of Led Zeppelin, helped build this unique image the car has today. He kept his Dubonnet Rose DB5 for almost 16 years after which he sold it.

Celebrities are drawn to Aston Martins, especially the DB5 which truly poses as a legend, it is a car of many stories, and many more to come as Aston Martin revealed they would release a 25 pieces limited edition of their Goldfinger DB5 later in 2019 with a selling price of 3.3£ millions each. With these 25 new cars the total number of Aston Martin DB5 around the world will reach 1084 units.

We want to be able to convey the same feeling by putting pieces of one of these cars into our watch, creating unique timepieces.


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