The Ferrari 275 GTB, a stunning display of engineering and design

Red Ferrari 275 GTB

Unveiled to the world in 1964, the Ferrari 275 GTB was a stunning display of engineering and design, making a lasting impression on the minds of car-aficionados everywhere.

The Ferrari 275 GTB is to this day a perfectly proportioned car, with a long hood line and short yet spacious trunk. What set it apart from its predecessors was its rear-mounted gear box and independent rear suspension. Competition versions of the car were produced between 1964-1966 for use in Grand Touring-class sports car racing. Speed, power and elegance define this model.


Design and Manufacture

Ferrari 275 GTB
The product of ongoing fantastic collaboration and partnership, Pininfarina designed the spider bodies and coupé of the Ferrari 275 GTB. It was then built by Scaglietti. These Italian companies certainly made their mark. The Ferrari 275 GTB has an incredibly powerful design; a large radiator opening with an egg crate pattern aluminum grille. It has been compared to a hungry mouth, surrounded by deeply recessed headlights. The cabin includes a three window design, with a large and deeply curved windscreen. The first models featured a 3.3 L (3286 cc) overhead camshaft Colombo 60° V12 engine.

The Ferrari 275 GTB as an Investment

The Ferrari 275 GTB is a beautiful piece of racing history. Like many beautiful and timeless watches out there, it’s an investment asset that will continue to fascinate and appeal to markets all around the world.
Sotheby’s is one of the world’s largest brokers of fine art, watches, jewelry, real estate and collectibles, headquartered in New York City. In fact, Sotheby’s lists the Ferrari 275 GTB at around €2,400,000 -€2,800,000. An investment of this kind is truly a high-quality piece to be passed down from generation to generation. Here at Atelier Jalaper, we see this car as functioning in parallel as a timeless investment, alongside some of the world’s finest and most beautiful watches.

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