Ferrari F40 celebrates Ferrari’s 40th anniversary


Built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the Ferrari F40 is a true sight to behold. To truly mark the anniversary event, this car was designed as an incredibly fast Berlinetta by Pininfarina and built from composites. Unique and stylish, many have said that it is an example of pure sophistication and high performance. The Ferrari F40 was built to continue the philosophy of its predecessor, the GTO, but also improve and go beyond when it came to design. Fans and clients around the world greeted the F40 with extreme enthusiasm upon its release in 1987.


Manufacture and Design


What makes the Ferrari F40 stand out is the fact that it features a completely fresh concept for the body design, created by Pininfarina. The car has panels made from Kevlar, carbon fibre and aluminium which gives it impressive strength but very low weight, contributing to its aerodynamic credentials. The F40 features turbo-charged running gear alongside a first-class chassis, which has given it more of the look and feel of a racing car. Car and Driver described the car as a "mix of sheer terror and raw excitement".


The Ferrari F40 as an Investment

Famously, the Formula One driver Nigel Mansell owned a Ferrari F40. His car was sold at auction in 1990 for a record, at the time, of £1 million. This record was maintained into the 2010s. The Ferrari F40 holds a special place in cultural automobile history, as it is simply a fantastic piece of engineering and design that would not “be allowed” to be created nowadays, due to red tape and health and safety. The Ferrari community loves the “Spartan” design and it has in fact been called one of the greatest road-going Ferraris of all time. Here at Atelier Jalaper, we love anything that has a unique and special technological background. Our own watches have proven to be a similar feat of design, and so we truly recognize the Ferrari F40.


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