The Ferrari "LaFerrari"


When you name your child after yourself, you do so in order to pass down your legacy. You evoke your tradition and history through time; this is the product of who you truly are. So is the case with Ferrari’s LaFerrari.

LaFerrari is a limited production hybrid sportscar, built with speed and power in mind.

It’s easy to see how it defines the brand; it drives like the best Ferrari ever made with its V12 engine, optimized for high-rev horsepower. With instant throttle response and razor-sharp steer, this is truly a car that is once in a lifetime to both drive and witness. The evocative hybrid is truly the one and only, definitive “LaFerrari”.


Design and Manufacture


For such a significant piece of Ferrari history, only the best will do for design. So, nine conceptual design studies were considered for the V12 hybrid flagship. When the design was selected and the car was manufactured, the results were stunning. LaFerrari is the first hybrid produced by Ferrari, boasting 40% decreased fuel consumption. Beyond that, it has the highest power output. The cockpit is sleek and sporty with a minimalist design.

The steering wheel has integrated controls. The shift paddles are directly fixed to the steering column. Only 499 units were produced, each with a value of over £1M.In 2016, a LaFerrari sold at auction for over £5M.


Ferrari “La Ferrari” and Watchmaking


To celebrate the highly-anticipated launch of LaFerrari, Hublot conceptualized, created and launched 50 “LaFerrari” watches. These beautiful pieces are hand-wound Tourbillon wristwatches. The Swiss luxury watchmaker took inspiration from the LaFerrari coupe for the unique design of this gorgeous watch. With 50 days of power reserve, this watch is also incredibly precise. Atelier Jalaper’s point of view is that both the Hublot watch and the LaFerrari are stunning examples of fine engineering and great craftsmanship. Both are investment pieces to be passed down through the generations.


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