Kickstarter platform to fundraise our project


This path seemed to be the most suitable way of financing our project, as we wanted to see first-hand the interest of people towards our unique watches. This will enable us to have feedback before the production process begins. Choosing crowdfunding for our project requires a finished product once the campaign starts.

Kickstarter is a way for entrepreneurs to launch a project thanks to the help of many passionate contributors. Projects in Kickstarter involve something real and not just an idea. When completed everyone who has taken part will receive the pledge they purchased whether it’s a watch, an experience or simply AJ merchandising.


Why Kickstarter over another crowdfunding platform?

Kickstarter seems to be the most suitable place with broader audiences and various creative and ambitious project such as ours. We can see Atelier Jalaper fit perfectly among the other projects. To sum up Kickstarter ticked most of the boxes we were aiming to find in a crowdfunding platform.


We count on you!

Keep in mind you are the one deciding whether or not Atelier Jalaper will be on your wrist. Knowing that all of you will not be able to support us by purchasing one of our Atelier Jalaper watches , we still want to give you the opportunity to support us by implementing different pledges. You will be able to acquire AJ merchandising, unique experiences such as a visit in our Atelier located in Switzerland, the acquisition of an early design drawing and much more.


Please also bear in mind that what is most important to us is your support in any way. You can help us by raising awareness about Atelier Jalaper and our ambitious project.


We hope to see you soon on our Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you to our Atelier Jalaper members.





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  • Marco Quiaios

    So nice to see 2 young entrepreneurs live their dream. I can’t wait to see the 2nd collection !!

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