Miyota Movements: some of the most reliable automatic movements

Miyota Movements : the best fit for Atelier Jalaper

Whilst the dream of the two founders to one day possess the resources to create their own Swiss manufacture remains untouched, a choice had to be made concerning the movement the watch would be using, Miyota came up naturally.

Miyota is a Japanese manufacturer well known for providing high-end, robust movements for leading brands in the watch industry. All in all they produce three different types of movement all assembled from materials made in Japan : Quartz, Mechanic Manual, and Mechanic Automatic. Atelier Jalaper settled for the last, as it conveys the brand’s values, it is a modern movement conserving the elegance of classic mechanical movements and allows an easier maintenance.

Some of the most reliable automatic movements


  • Cal.821A                                                        
As an extremely effective movement, the 821A was the perfect choice for our watch without day display. Its small height of 5.67 millimeters allowed us to not change the watch design which was really important, and with its 21 jewels and 26 000 vibrations per hour it succeeds in showing high precision and almost no time loss per day. As an automatic movement it can be hand wound and also possess a quick date setting.

 Cal.821A - Miyota                                

  • Cal.8285

This movement is a more complete version of the Cal.821A as is displays the same number of jewels and vibrations per hour. Slightly bigger but not too much it displays the day without altering the watch’s identity and its simplicity.


Miyota-Movements-8285The opportunity of having those two similar movements, manufactured by a staple of the industry combined with the help of their Swiss partner allows Atelier Jalaper to deliver multiple versions of their watch to satisfy the different needs of their customers whilst not needing to modify a design reached after 2 years of hard work.

                                    Cal.8285 - Miyota



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