Simon Szleper, meet one of the co-founders

Simon Szleper was born and raised in Brussels. At the age of seventeen he decided to explore different and varied cultures, which eventually led him to the United States and more precisely to Santa Barbara, CA. After travelling the country, meeting as many people as possible, he came back to Europe to start his Bachelor’s Degree at Westminster University in London. He undertook a three year degree specialized in Marketing & Communication where he understood the very basic rules of Marketing and more precisely “the importance of adopting a customer-centric approach”.



Simon Szleper

Following this experience Simon undertook a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing at the prestigious French school, ESCP Europe, where he met Louis and they consequently founded Atelier Jalaper. After working and living on three continents and six different countries, Simon decided to settle down in Brussels and open his offices here in the center of Europe where the magic happens.


A true passion for horology

His passion for watches goes back to his earliest memories of his childhood with the visit to the famous Swiss manufacturer, Jaeger Lecoultre. The balance between the elegance and the power a watch possesses directly struck him. Moreover, with the passing years, his initial respect for the aesthetic aspect enhanced, he started to cultivate curiosity for the mechanism and the craftsmanship it demands.
Simon once said

“My curiosity changed whilst I was growing up. Indeed, understanding the great breakthrough in terms of watch engineering was becoming more and more important. Reading and encountering the great minds of this industry helped develop my strong desire to one day be part of this unique universe”.

Today, Simon and his partner Louis Jalaber, have together united their skills to create a unique and limited edition of timepieces reflecting the passion that they both share.

Louis Jalaber - Simon Szleper (Atelier Jalaper's founders)

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