The History of Aston Martin

Tracing the history of Aston Martin and David Brown since the very beginning of their journey.

DB1, DB5 or more recently DB11, many Aston Martin models are named after the one that gave a real boost to the British GT brand. A brand that today makes us all dream. Back on the beautiful story between David Brown and Aston Martin who owes him everything or almost.

The story said that after announcing that the brand Aston Martin was for sale (published on the front page of the Times on October 1, 1946), David Brown heir to an industrial group specializing in the manufacture of agricultural tractors, bought in 1947 to Lionel Martin and in return for £ 20,000 the car company Aston Martin. He then takes inspiration from Italian creations to revive his brand.

From 1950 to 1960 were years when Italians designed beautiful cars and, thanks also to the motorist Tadek Marek and their creativity, the production was launched.A small production with the one called Aston Martin DB1 animated by a small engine but that will soon be improved with the 6-cylinder Tadek Marek. The 6-cylinder is still the trademark of David Brown.After the DB1 which was produced only 15 copies, David Brown has released Aston Martin DB2 to follow with the Aston Martin DB2-4 and from there followed the DB4, DB5, DB6 ... It is Touring that will serve as a model and will dress all the Aston Martin that will follow.

And if it were necessary to retain only the most remarkable models? Of course we remember the most famous: the English like to say "the most famous car in the world."

The DB5, thanks to the famous secret agent James Bond, embellished with all its gadgets, its machine guns, its missiles, its hatches oil and other variants that Mr Q had integrated into the car, became a showcase, in any case the most famous car in the world as David Brown liked to say. One of my favorite cars in this exhibition is the Aston Martin Françoise Sagan's DB6 Few people know that Françoise Sagan, who had a terrible accident with a slightly older model, a DB2-4 in 1957, ordered through her brother, Jacques Quoirez, an Aston Martin DB6 Vantage: It was really the extreme model of Aston Martin in 1966. It was delivered new by the Mirabeau garage in Paris and it was a car that broke down with a broken gearbox, in a service station of Bourgogne, France and a Swiss collec has bought and kept for as long as 41 years. I was lucky to find this car, it was restored absolutely as in a very special color that Françoise Sagan had to like, the "Fiesta Red".

Aston Martin DB over the years

There are many other models to be mentioned in the history of Aston Martin that have each time triggered a lot of emotion. Even today, David Brown would probably be very proud to caress the lines of one of Aston Martin's latest productions. When David Brown sold his company in 1972, luckily for all the fans of this brand, the name remained, the sign, the emblem remained and today, the DNA of 'Aston Martin stayed because the latest models named DB11 exist and still come out of the same factory in New Port Pagnell.

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