In-depth exploration of the materials of the watch produced from an Aston Martin DB5

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of the watch based on an Aston Martin DB5, where watchmaking excellence meets iconic automotive heritage. This watch embodies the perfect blend of cutting-edge craftsmanship and refined Aston Martin design. In this article, we take a closer look at the materials used to create this exceptional timepiece.

The materials of movement

The beating heart of every watch made from an Aston Martin DB5 bonnet lies in its movement. Designed for unrivalled performance, the movement is crafted from the finest materials. Precious metal alloys such as stainless steel, brass and sometimes even exotic materials such as titanium are used to guarantee the movement's precision and reliability. Each component is carefully assembled by qualified Swiss watchmakers, ensuring that your watch made from an Aston Martin DB5 functions at its best.

The elegance of the dial 

The dial is the showcase of any watch, and the Aston Martin DB5 collection is no exception. To create our dials, we use aluminium from an authentic Aston Martin DB5 bonnet. This material has a unique patina and marks testifying to the life of the aluminium in the Italian beauty.

The robustness of the case

The case of a DB5 collection watch is designed to protect its precious inner mechanism from the rigours of everyday life. Made from top-of-the-range stainless steel (316L), the case offers both exceptional resistance and elegant aesthetics.

The comfort of the bracelet

The strap on an Atelier Jalaper watch from the DB5 collection is much more than just a strap. It is designed to combine comfort and style, while ensuring a perfect fit on your wrist. Each strap is meticulously crafted in France to offer optimum comfort, exceptional durability and impeccable aesthetics, making your Aston Martin DB5 bonnet watch a true symbol of distinction.

For more information on bracelets and how to change them, please consult our guide.


In conclusion, the watch created from an Aston Martin DB5 embodies excellence at every level, from the materials used to the meticulous design of every detail. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a watchmaking aficionado, this iconic watch is sure to win you over with its timeless allure and impeccable craftsmanship.

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